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Tahiyyat prayer

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Tahiyyat prayer (Arabic: صلاة التحية) or prayer for Tahiyyat of the mosque (Arabic: صلاة تحية المسجد) is a recommended prayer for respecting the mosque. It is recommended to perform two rak'a]s of prayer for Tahiyyat [regards] of the mosque upon entering a mosque before sitting. Tahiyyat prayer does not have any special method and the praying person can recite any sura after Sura al-Fatiha (Qur'an 1), and even can suffice to reciting Sura al-Fatiha. Also, by performing other recommended or obligatory prayers in the mosque, there is no need to perform Tahiyyat prayer.

It is reprehensible (Makruh) to pass through a mosque and this reprehensibility is removed by performing Tahiyyat prayer.

About the manners of participating in the class by the teacher, al-Shahid al-Thani mentioned in Munyat al-murid, that if the class is held in a mosque, it is recommended that he first performs Tahiyyat prayer and then begins teaching and if the class is held in place other than a mosque, he performs prayer with the intention of gratitude and asks God for opportunity.

Masjid al-Haram

Based on the fatwa of most religious authorities, al-Masjid al-Haram does not require Tahiyyat prayer and circumambulating it is considered as its tahiyyat [regards]. According to al-Shahid al-Thani in al-Rawdat al-bahiyya, the same way regarding and respecting mosques is made by prayer, tahiyyat [regards] for al-Masjid al-Haram is made by circumambulation.

Jamkaran Mosque

In Najm al-thaqib, Mirza Husayn Nuri, among Shi'a muhaddith, transmitted a special Tahiyyat prayer for Jamkaran mosque. It has two rak'as, in each of which Sura al-Fatiha is recited once and Sura al-Tawhid (Qur'an 112) is recited seven times. The dhikrs of ruku' and prostration are recited seven times each.


  • The material for this article is mainly taken from نماز تحیت in Farsi WikiShia.