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Al-Fudayl b. Yasar

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Companion of Imam (a)
Al-Fudayl b. Yasar
Full Name Al-Fudayl b. Yasar al-Nahdi al-Basri
Companion of Imam al-Baqir (a) and Imam al-Sadiq (a)
Teknonym Abu l-Qasim, Abu Miswar
Epithet Faqih of Shi'a
Well Known As Al-Nahdi
Religious Affiliation Imamiyya
Lineage Banu Nahd
Birth Late 1st/7th century
Place of Birth Kufa
Place(s) of Residence Kufa, Basra
Death/Martyrdom Mid 2nd/8th century
Activities People of Consensus

Al-Fuḍayl b. Yasār (Arabic: الفُضَیل بن یَسار) (fl. 2nd/8th century), was a companion of Imam al-Baqir (a) and Imam al-Sadiq (a) and one of the People of Consensus. The scholars of rijal have regarded al-Fudayl as a jurist, exegete, and a reliable hadith transmitter.

He passed away at the time of Imam al-Sadiq (a), and the Imam described him as "one of us, Ahl al-Bayt."


Al-Fudayl belonged to the Yemeni tribe Banu Nahd—hence, his famous epithet al-Nahdi.

His date of birth is unknown, but he was born in the late first/seventh century in Kufa.

We do not know much about his life, but he lived in Kufa in the early stage of his life, then migrated to Basra – hence, the epithet al-Basri.

His eldest son was called al-Qasim, so al-Fudayl's kunya was Abu l-Qasim. He is also called Abu Miswar in some sources.

Scholarly Status

People of Consensus

Comapnions of Imam al-Baqir (a)
Zurara b. A'yan
Ma'ruf b. Kharrabudh
Burayd b. Mu'awiya
Abu Basir
al-Fudayl b. Yasar
Muhammad b. Muslim

Companions of Imam al-Sadiq (a)
Jamil b. Darraj
'Abd Allah b. Muskan
'Abd Allah b. Bukayr
Hammad b. 'Uthman
Hammad b. 'Isa
Aban b. 'Uthman

Companions of Imam al-Kazim (a) and Imam al-Rida (a)
Yunus b. 'Abd al-Rahman
Safwan b. Yahya
Muhammad b. Abi 'Umayr
Abd Allah b. al-Mughira
Hasan b. Mahbub
Ahmad b. Abi Nasr al-Bazanti

The scholars of rijal have counted al-Fudayl among the companions of Imam al-Baqir (a) and Imam al-Sadiq (a). Not only he is regarded as a reliable hadith transmitter but also as one of the People of Consensus, whose reliability was agreed upon by all Shi'a scholars.

Most of al-Fudayl's hadiths are on fiqh, and so he was called "the jurist of the Shi'a." He has also quoted some hadiths on theology, Imamate, and ethics.

Teachers and Students

The name of al-Fudayl b. Yasar appears in the chains of transmission of more than 254 hadiths. He quoted hadiths from Imam al-Baqir (a) and Imam al-Sadiq (a) directly. Also, he narrated some hadiths from Zakariyya b. 'Abd Allah al-Naqqad and 'Abd al-Wahid Mukhtar al-Ansari

Many people quoted hadith from al-Fudayl, some of whom are the following:

In the Eyes of the Imams (a)

According to rijal sources, al-Fudayl b. Yasar had a special place in the eyes of the Imams (a), especially Imam al-Sadiq (a) who reportedly called al-Fudayl "one of us, Ahl al-Bayt." According to another hadith, whenever Imam al-Sadiq (a) looked at al-Fudayl, he would say,

"Whoever would like to see a man from the people of Paradise should look at this man."


Al-Fudayl passed away at the time of Imam al-Sadiq (a), though the exact date of his demise is not known. No information is available as to his exact burial place, but since there is no report indicating his leaving Basra, he probably passed away there. When the news of his demise reached Imam al-Sadiq (a), the Imam is reported to have said,

"May Allah have mercy on al-Fudayl b. Yasar! He is one of us, Ahl al-Bayt."

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