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Salih (a)

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Coordinates: 32°00′00″N 44°18′59″E / 32.000135°N 44.316457°E / 32.000135; 44.316457

Salih (a)
Grave of HUD & SALEH .jpg
Grave of prophets Hud and Salih (a) in Wadi l-Salam
Name in
the Qur'an:
Burial place: Wadi l-Salam cemetery
Name of People: Thamud
Well known
Sam b. Noah (father)
Miracle(s): She-Camel of Salih (a)
Repeat in
the Qur'an:
9 times

Ṣāliḥ (Arabic: صالح) was son of Sam b. Noah (a) and the prophet of the people of Thamud. The Qur'an mentioned him after prophets Noah (a) and Hud. Salih (a) was the third Arab prophet whose name is mentioned in different suras of the Qur'an; while, there is no mention of him in the Torah. Salih (a) lived 280 years and his grave is in Wadi l-Salam cemetery in Najaf, Iraq. Based on the report of historical sources, Salih (a) was chosen as a prophet at the age of 16 and invited his people to monotheism until the age of 120, but they did not care about his invitation and killed his she-camel (he had drawn out from inside the mountain).


Salih (a) was among Arab prophets, son of Sam b. Noah (a), and the third prophet who invited people to monotheism.[1] He was the prophet of the people of Thamud.[2] They lived in the north of Medina and worshiped idols before Salih (a).[3]

In the Qur'an, the name of Salih (a) is mentioned 9 times in Quran 7,