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Titles of Lady Fatima (a)

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This article is about the Titles of Lady Fatima (a). For knowing about Lady Fatima (a), see Lady Fatimah al-Zahra' (a).

Titles of Lady Fatima (a) are epithets and teknonyms which are mentioned for Lady Fatima (a) in narrations and Ziyarah Texts. Al-Batul and Sayyidat Nisa' al-'Alamin are well-known among her epithets and Umm Abiha is her most well-known teknonym.


The name "Fatima" is derived from the infinitive "F-Ṭ-M" (Arabic: ف-ط-م) meaning "to separate, to cut something from another." Several reasons have been mentioned for naming Lady Fatima (a) with this name including the narration, in which the Prophet (s) said, "God named her Fatima, because He separated and kept her and her lovers (and in another hadith: "her followers") away from fire." It is narrated from Imam al-Sadiq (a) that, "she (a) was named Fatima because she (a) was kept away from evil."[1]

It was narrated from Imam al-Sadiq (a) that, "Fatima (a) has nine names before God: Fatima, al-Siddiqa, al-Mubaraka, al-Tahira, al-Zakiyya, al-Radiya, al-Mardiyya, al-Muhaddatha and al-Zahra'."[2] It seems that "names" in this hadith includes both names and epithets."


In hadith references, different epithets have been mentioned for Lady Fatima (a):[3]

Title Meaning
al-Zahra' (الزهراء) luminous, bright
al-'Adhra' (العذراء) chaste
al-Ma'suma (المعصومة) infallible
al-Hawra' al-Insiyya (الحوراء الانسیة) an angel in the form of human
Hurra (الحُرّة) free
al-Mubaraka (المبارکة) blessed
al-Batul (البتول) separated from anything other than God;
a woman who does not have menstruation.
al-Tahira (الطاهرة) pure
al-Ḥaṣān (الحصان) chaste
al-Zakiyya (الزکیّة) pure (from vices)
Maryam al-Kubra (مریم الکبری) the great Maryam
al-Radiya (الراضیة) content (with God's will)
al-Siddiqa (الصدّیقة) very truthful
al-Marziyya (ا