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Kuhl al-basar fi sirat Sayyid al-Bashar (book)

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Kuhl al-basar fi sirat Sayyid al-Bashar (book)
Author Shaykh Abbas Qummi
Original title کُحْلُ الْبَصَر فی سیرَة سَید الْبَشَر
Language Arabic
Series 1 vol.
Subject The Prophet (s)
Genre Historic and narrative
Published 1377/1958
Publisher Different publications in Qom and Beirut

Kuḥl al-baṣar fī sīra Sayyid al-Bashar (Arabic: کحل البصر في سیرة سیّد البشر) is a book in Arabic about the life of the Prophet (s), written by Shaykh Abbas Qummi (d. 1359/1940). He wrote the book in 1329/1911. In this book, he briefly recounts the life of the Prophet (s) in five sections. The book has been repeatedly translated into Persian.

The Author

Main article: Shaykh Abbas Qummi

Abbas b. Muhammad Rida Qummi (b. 1294/1877 - d. 1359/1940), known as Shaykh Abbas Qummi and Muhaddith Qummi, was a Shiite scholar of the fourteenth/twentieth century. He was a scholar of hadith, a historian, and a preacher. His best-known books are Mafatih al-jinan, Safinat al-bihar, and Muntaha l-amal. Muhaddith Qummi died in Najaf in 1359/1940 and was buried in the Shrine of Ali b. Abi Talib (a).

Date of Writing and the Contents

The work was written in 1329/1911 in Qom. Muhaddith Qummi structured the book in five sections:

  • Lineage (birth, childhood)


Aqa Buzurg Tihrani points that the book was printed in Qom in 1377/1958 in 152 pages. The book was later printed and published in Qom (Rasul-i Akram and al-Rasul al-Mustafa publications) and in Beirut (Mu'assisat al-Wafa' and Mu'assisat al-Balagh). Al-Balagh version of the book was edited by Shaykh Abd al-Razzaq Harizinijad.