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Morteza Motahhari

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Ayatollah Morteza Motahhari
مرتضی مطهری
Personal Information
Full Name Mortaza Motahhari
Well-Known As Martyred Professor, Ustad
Birth Jumada I 13, 1338/February 3, 1920
Residence Fariman, Tehran
Studied in Mashhad, Qom, Najaf
Death Jumada II 3, 1399/May 1, 1979
Burial Place Shrine of Lady Fatima Ma'suma (a), Qom
Scholarly Information
Professors Imam Khomeini, Allama Tabataba'i, Ayatullah Burujirdi, ...
Students Muhammad Mufattih, Muhammad Jawad Bahunar, Fadl Allah Mahallati, ...
Works Principles of Philosophy and the Method of Realism, Glimpses of Najh al-Balagha, ...
Teaching in Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies, University of Tehran, building the Irshad religious center, ...
Socio-Political Activities
Theorist of the Islamic Republic of Iran, founding the Association of the Resistant Clergy of Tehran
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Mortezā Moṭahharī (Persian: مرتضی مطهری) (b. 1338/1920 - d. 1399/1979) was a prominent shi'a jurist, philosopher, theologian, thinker, and writer of the twentieth century. He was a student of