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Muhammad Kashani

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Muhammad Kashani
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Personal Information
Full Name Muhammad Kashani
Well-Known As Akhund Kashi
Birth 1249/1833
Place of Birth Kashan
Studied in Isfahan
Death Sha'ban 20, 1333/July 3, 1915 in Isfahan
Burial Place Takht-i Fulad Cemetery, Isfahan
Scholarly Information
Professors Aqa Muhammad Rida Qumsha'i, Mulla Hasan Nuri, Mulla 'Abd al-Jawad Khurasani
Students Sayyid Abu l-Hasan Isfahani, Mirza 'Ali Aqa Shirazi, Sayyid Hasan Mudarris
Teaching and promoting Mulla Sadra's philosophy

Ākhūnd Mullā Muḥammad Kāshānī (Farsi: آخوند ملا محمد کاشانی), known as Akhund Kashi (آخوند کاشی) (b. 1249/1833 - d. 1333/1915), was a prominent teacher and promoter of Mulla Sadra's philosophy in the 13th/19th century in Isfahan.

He studied with scholars such as Aqa Muhammad Rida Qumsha'i, Mulla Hasan Nuri, and Mulla 'Abd al-Jawad Khurasani, and had many great students such as Sayyid Abu l-Hasan Isfahani, Sayyid Hasan Mudarris, and Haj Aqa Rahim Arbab. In addition to philosophy, he mastered mathematics, astronomy, fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), and Islamic mysticism. He mixed philosophy with mysticism, and he is reported to have displayed some supernatural abilities (karamat).[1]