Sayyid Muhammad 'Ali Muwahhid Abtahi

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Sayyid Muhammad 'Ali Muwahhid Abtahi (1349-1422 / 1920- 2002) was a scholar in fiqh, rijal, hadith and he was a Shi'ite marja' in the last century. He has written numerous works and he is regarded as a prominent figure in rijal, hadith, fiqh and exegesis of Quran.

Biography and Family

Sayyid Muhammad 'Ali Muwahhid Abtahi was born on 28th of Safar 1349/ 1920 In Isfahan and he passed away on the night of 13th of Rajab 1381/2002 in a hospital in Tehran. His funeral was held in Tehran and his body was buried in his Husayniyya in Qom.


Sayyid Muhammad 'Ali's father, Ayatullah Sayyid Murtada Muwahhid Abtahi was a religious teacher, preacher and speaker as well as a traditional doctor in Isfahan. He cured the illness of 'Allama Muhammad Husayn Tabataba'i. He is buried in Ja'fariyya, Isfahan. Muhammad Husayn's mother is the daughter of Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Taqi Musawi Isfahani, the author of Makyal al-Makarim fi fawa'id al-du'a lilqa'im.


When Sayyid Muhammad 'Ali was eight year old, he started learning religious sciences. After learning elementary levels he migrated to Qom at the age of fifteen in order to continue his education in Seminary of Qom. He attended the classes of religious scholars and learned logical and narrative sciences at high levels. Sayyid Muhammad 'Ali attained Ijtihad in 1333 A.H. and then he moved to Najaf to continue his education where he studied under religious scholars. After studying religious teachings for twenty years in Najaf, he returned to Isfahan and after a while he migrated to Qom in 1367 in order to do researches, write books and start teaching in Seminary of Qom.


Sayyid Muhammad 'Ali Muwahhid Abtahi has written one hundred and forty five books on exegesis, fiqh, rijal, hadith, history, Kalam and philosophy. According to his successor he has written over a thousand of handwritten manuscripts.