Bashir b. Jadhlam

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Bashīr b. Jadhlam (Arabic: بشیر بن جذلم) was a companion of Imam al-Sajjad (a) and a poet in the early Islamic period. When the caravan of the Captives of Karbala were returning from Syria to Medina, Bashir went to Medina before the caravan's arrival at the command of Imam al-Sajjad (a), letting people know about the caravan.


In books of history, his name is written in different ways: "Bishr b. Jadhlam", "Bashir b. Jadhlam", "Bishr b. Hadhlam", and "Bashir b. Hadhlam".[1] There is no information about his life. His father was a poet, and he himself composed poems too.[2]

Accompaniment of the Captives of Karbala

In Ahl al-Bayt's (a) procession from Syria to Medina, Bashir accompanied them, but it is not known why he was with them. Before the caravan's arrival in Medina, he was commissioned by Imam al-Sajjad (a) to go to Medina ahead of the caravan, letting them know of the martyrdom of Abu Abd Allah and the arrival of the caravan of Ahl al-Bayt (a). Thus, he went to Medina and gave people the news of Imam al-Husayn's (a) martyrdom in al-Masjid al-Nabawi with the following two verses:

O people of Yathrib, there is no standing for you in here

Al-Husayn was murdered, so shed tears

His torso lies in blood in Karbala

And his head is moved around on top of a spear[3]

Bashir informed people that Imam al-Sajjad (a) and other Ahl al-Bayt (a) are settled outside the city. Bashir says about that day: "upon hearing the news, all women in Medina poured out of their homes and cried. Such a number of crying men and women were never seen before, and after the demise of the Prophet (s) there was no day bitterer than this day for Muslims."[4]


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