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Al-Nass al-jali fi ithbat wilayat 'Ali (book)

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Al-Nass al-jali fi ithbat wilayat 'Ali (book)
Author Muhammad Husayn b. Baqir al-Burujirdi
Original title ألنَّصُ الجَلی فی اِثباتِ ولایة عَلی
Language Arabic
Series 1 vol.
Subject Theology
Published 2004
Publisher Publiclation of Astan Quds Razavi

Al-Naṣṣ al-jalī fī ithbāt wilāyat ʿAlī (a) (Arabic: ألنَّصُ الجَلیَ فی اِثباتِ ولایة عَلی, literally: the obvious text demonstrating the guardianship of 'Ali) is a theological book in Arabic written by Muhammad Husayn b. Baqir al-Burujirdi, a Shiite scholar of the twelfth/eighteenth century. In this work containing an introduction and four sections, the author tries to prove the imamate and wilaya of 'Ali b. Abi Talib (a) by appealing to numerous Qur'anic verses and hadiths.


There is no mention of Muhammad Husayn al-Burujirdi in biographies. However, the editor of the book introduces him as a "great scholar, theologian, juristو and a scholar of the principles of jurisprudence, Shaykh Husayn b. Aqa Baqir al-Burujirdi, who died after 1306/1889."


The book is very brief. It has an introduction and four sections. The author draws upon Quranic verses and hadiths to demonstrate or prove the imamate and caliphate of Imam 'Ali (a). To establish his claim, he draws on Shiite and Sunni sources.


The author finished the book in 1273/1857, and it was lithographically printed in 1320/1902 by Aqa Nur al-Din, the author's son. In 1425/2004, the book was published as edited by Ali Asghar Shukuhi by the Publiclation of Astan Quds Razavi.