Manar al-huda (book)

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Manar al-huda (book)
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AuthorAli b. 'Abd Allah al-Bahrani
Original titleمَنارُ الهُدی فی النَّص عَلی امامَة ِالْائمّة الْاثْنی عَشَر
Series1 vol.
PublisherDar al-Muntazar

Manār al-hudā fi l-naṣṣ ʿalā imāma al-aʾimma al-ithnā ʿashar (Arabic: مَنارُ الهُدی فی النَّص عَلی امامَة ِالْائمّة الْاثْنی عَشَر, literally: the light stand of guidance about the Imamate of the Twelve Imams) is a theological book in Arabic written by Ali b. 'Abd Allah al-Bahrani, a Shiite scholar in the fourteenth/twentieth century. He discusses Imamate from the standpoint of Twelver Shi'as, criticizing the views of the Mu'tazila and Ash'ari by rejecting the views of Ibn Abi l-Hadid in Sharh nahj al-balagha and those of al-Fadil al-Qushji in his al-Jadid fi sharh al-tajrid.


'Ali b. 'Abd Allah b. 'Ali al-Bahrani al-Sitri was scholar from Bahrain. When he obtained the degree of ijtihad, he became the marja' and the head of Shi'as in Bahrain. He allegedly wrote a number of jurisprudential and theological works.

Writing and Publication

The book was written in 1295/1878, and was published in 1320/1902-3 in Mumbai.


The book has an introduction and two chapters. The introduction involves two subject-matters.

  1. A consideration of the meaning of Imamate from a Shiite standpoint
  2. A consideration of the necessity of appointing an Imam in the views of Ash'aris, the Mu'tazila, and the Imamiyya.


  • First chapter: Conditions of the Imam (5 problems)

Manuscripts and Publication

There is no information about handwritten manuscripts of Manar al-huda. The book was published as edited by 'Abd al-Zahra' al-Husayni al-Khatib by Dar al-Muntazar Publications in Beirut.