Al-Najat fi l-qiyama fi tahqiq amr al-imama (book)

Without priority, Quality: b
From wikishia
Al-Najat fi l-qiyama
Author Ibn Maytham al-Bahrani
Original title النَّجاةُ فی القیامَة فی تَحقیقِ اَمْرِ الاِمامَة
Language Arabic
Series 1 vol.
Subject Imamate
Published 1417/1996
Publisher Majma' al-Fikr al-Islami

Al-Najāt fī l-qiyāma fī tahqīq amr al-imāma (Arabic: النَّجاةُ فی القیامَة فی تَحقیقِ اَمْرِ الاِمامَة, lit: salvation in the hereafter: on establishing the issue of imamate) is a theological work in Arabic by Ibn Maytham al-Bahrani on the issue of imamate. The author first explores various views on imamate and then argues against the views of his opponents and puts forward his arguments for the correct view.


Kamal al-Din Maytham b. ʿAli b. Maytham al-Baḥrani (b.636/1239 – d. 679 or 699/1280 or 1300), was a famous Shi'a hadith scholar, jurist and theologian in seventh/thirteenth century. After he finished his educations and studies, at the request of Iraqi scholars, he started teaching and writing books. Ibn Maytham is best known for his great knowledge in theology, and many works in this field and other fields of Islamic studies have been attributed to him.


The book has an introduction and three chapters:

  • Introduction
  1. Definition of imamate
  2. Different views on the necessity of imamate and arguments for it[1]
  • Chapter One: On the Necessary Qualifications of an Imam
  1. Infallibility
  2. Superiority to the others
  3. Knowledge in all matters
  4. Being designated
  • Chapter Two: Designation of the Imam by the Prophet (s)
  1. Establishing the imamate of Imam Ali (a) after the Prophet (s) based on explicit and implicit designation by the Prophet (s) and on rational arguments.
  2. Establishing the imamate of the other Imams (a)
  • Chapter Three: Answering the Objections of the Opponents
  1. Answering the objections of the deniers of Imam Ali’s imamate
  2. Answering the criticisms against Imam Ali (a) by the Kharijites
  3. Explaining the views of non-Imami Shiite sects and refuting them
  4. The Occultation of the Twelfth Imam (a)[2]


Al-Najat fi l-qiyama is a short treatise on the most important discussions related to the issue of imamate, which is written by Ibn Maytham with a special style. The author first mentions the various views on imamate and then chooses the correct view. Then he addresses the views of the opponents and refutes them and argues for the correct view.[3]

The author has mentioned his views with a logical way and without using harsh language against his opponents. The work has been viewed as a continuation of the theological style of al-Shaykh al-Mufid, al-Sharif al-Murtada, and al-Shaykh al-Tusi.[4]


This work was first edited by Muhammad Hadi Yusufi Gharawi and published in 1417/1996 by Majma' al-Fikr al-Islami.[5]


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