Qawa'id al-maram fi 'ilm al-kalam (book)

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Qawa'id al-maram fi 'ilm al-kalam
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AuthorIbn Maytham al-Bahrani
Original titleقواعد المرام في علم الكلام
PublisherAyatollah Mar'ashi Najafi Library

Qawāʿid al-marām fī ʿilm al-kalām (Arabic:قواعد المرام في علم الكلام, The Principles of the Goal: On the Discipline of Theology) is a theological work in Arabic, written by Ibn Maytham al-Bahrani, who has tried in this work to present the views of theologians and philosophers and critically analyze them.


Kamal al-Din Maytham b. ʿAli b. Maytham al-Baḥrani (b.636/1238-9 – d. 679 or 699/1280-1 or 1299-1300), was a famous Shi'a hadith scholar, jurist and theologian in seventh/thirteenth century. After he finished his educations and studies, at the request of Iraqi scholars, he started teaching and writing books. Ibn Maytham is best known for his great knowledge in 'ilm al-Kalam (theology), and many works in this field and other fields of Islamic studies have been attributed to him.


The book, which was written with the advice of ‘Izz al-Din Abu l-Muzaffar Abd al-Aziz b. Ja'far al-Nisaburi, addresses all theological discussion.

Ibn Maytham prefers the views of theologians and refutes the views of philosophers wherever they disagree with theologians.

This work is mentioned in al-Dhari'a by the title "al-Qawāʿid al-ilāhiyya fī ʿilm al-kalām wa l-hikma" (Divine Principles on Theology and Philosophy).


The author has organized the contents of the book under eight "principles" (qāʿida), each of which is divided into several "pillars" (rukn), each of which is divided into several "discussions" (bahth):

  • First principle: Introductory discussions
  • Second principle: General features of known entities
  • Third principle: Temporal creation of the world
  • Fourth principle: Establishing the existence of God and His attributes
  • Fifth principle: Divine actions and their subcategories
  • Sixth principle: Prophethood
  • Seventh principle: Resurrection
  • Eighth principle: Imamate


This book was edited by Sayyid Ahmad Husayni and published by Ayatollah Mar'ashi Najafi's library in Qom in 1406/1985-6.