Muhammad Bahari Hamadani

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Muhammad Bahari Hamadani
Shaykh Muhammad Bahari.jpg
Personal Information
Place of BirthBahar, Hamadan
Studied inHamadan, Borujerd, Najaf
Burial PlaceBahar
Scholarly Information
ProfessorsMulla Husayn Quli Hamadani
WorksTadhkirat al-muttaqin

Muḥammad Bahārī Ḥamadanī (Farsi: محمد بهاري همداني) (b. 1265/1848-9 - d. 1325/1907), also known as Shaykh Muḥammad Bahārī (Farsi: شیخ محمد بهاري), Shi'a scholar and mystic of 13th/19th and 14th/20th centuries, was a student of Mulla Husayn Quli Hamadani. He was mostly famous for his penetrative words, overwhelming presence and the wonders related to him. His only remaining work is Tadhkirat al-Muttaqin which is a treatise in the rules of the spiritual journey.

Birth and Education

He was born in 1265/1848-9 in Bahar, Hamadan Province of Iran. His father was Mirza Muhammad Bahari.[1] He finished primary education in his home town and went to Borujerd and later to Najaf and then he reached the level of Ijtihad.

Studentship of Mulla Husayn Quli Hamadani

In his youth, Shaykh Muhammad was a man of practicing night vigil and orthodox ascesis; thus, he went to Najaf to attend the presence of Mulla Husayn Quli Shawandi Hamadani, a student of Hakim Sabziwari. He was among exclusive students and companions of Mulla Husayn Quli Hamadani until he passed away in 1311/1893-4.[2]

After Mulla Husayn Quli Hamadani passed away, Shaykh Muhammad stayed in Najaf for a while and had classes for many Iranian, Arab and Indian scholars, businessmen and laymen during his spiritual journey and they were guided by his tongue and pen.


His only remaining work is a collection including a treatise in the manners of spiritual journey, two chapters in "the qualities of true scholars" and "types of the proud", a discussion on "instructions" and 16 letters to his friends and followers. Shaykh Isma'il Ta'ib Tabrizi, one of his followers, collected them and called them Tadhkirat al-muttaqin and that has been published many times.[3]

The tomb of Shaykh Muhammad Bahari in Bahar, Hamadan Province of Iran


He left Najaf because of illness, and came to Iran and lived in Mashhad for a while and finally passed away in his home town in 1325/1907.[4] His tomb is in Bahar, Hamadan Province of Iran and has always been a shrine to visit.


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