Sayyid Husayn Kuhkamara'i

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Sayyid Husayn Kuhkamara'i
Personal Information
Full NameSayyid Husayn Kuhkamara'i
Well-Known RelativesSayyid Muhammad Hujjat Kuhkamara'i
Place of BirthArwanaq, Azarbaijan Province, Iran
Studied inTabriz, Najaf
Death23rd of Rajab, 1299/June 10, 1882
Burial PlaceNajaf
Scholarly Information
ProfessorsAl-Shaykh al-Ansari, Shaykh Kashif al-Ghita'

Sayyid Ḥusayn Kūhkamaraʾī(Kuh Kamari) (Persian:سید حسین کوه کمره‌ای) (d. 1299/1882) known as Sayyid Husayn Turk (سید حسین ترک), was a Shi'a scholar in fiqh and Usul in 13th/19th century. He was the uncle of the father of Sayyid Muhammad Hujjat Kuhkamara'i and the first scientific personality in this family. Kuhkamara'i was among the students al-Shaykh al-Ansari and was the authority of Shi'a in many areas after him. His other teachers were Sharif al-'Ulama Mazandarani and Sahib al-Fusul. His works include Wasilat al-najat and notes on Fara'id al-usul. Sayyid Husayn passed away in 1299/1882.

Lineage and Birth

Sayyid Husayn Kuhkamara'i was son of Sayyid Muhammad b. Sayyid Hasan whose lineage reaches Imam al-Sajjad (a) was born Arwanaq (of Maran in Azerbaijan Sharqi) or according to other researches belonged to Heris village. Sayyid Husayn Kuhkamara'i spent his childhood under guardianship and training of his mother who was praised for her piety.

Education and Teachers

Sayyid Husayn Kuhkamara'i passed his primary education in his birthplace and then went to the seminary of Tabriz and passed intermediate level of lessons under scholars including Mirza Ahmad Mujtahid Tabrizi and Mirza Lutf Ali Mujtahid Imam Jum’a. Afterwards, he went to the holy cities if Iraq and in Karbala benefited from the classes of scholars such as Sharif al-'Ulama Mazandarani, Muhammad Husayn Ha'iri Isfahani (Sahib Fusul) and Al-Sayyid Ibrahim al-Qazwini (Sahib Zawabit).

Sayyid Husayn also acquired knowledge in Najaf under famous scholars such as Shaykh 'Ali Kashif al-Ghita', Shaykh Murtada al-Ansari and Muhammad Hasan Najafi (Sahib Jawahir) and after a period of learning, he only went to the class of al-Shaykh al-Ansari.

Sayyid was very much favored by Shaykh and wrote his classes for other students and also Shaykh assigned some affairs to him.


After al-Shaykh al-Ansari passed away, Sayyid Husayn began teaching and followed the scripts of the classes of Shaykh. More than 800 people of famous scholars participated in his class among whom were Muhammad Hasan Mamaqani and Fadil Sharabiyani who wrote the class scripts of their teacher. Many other students wrote down his lessons, some of whom also received the permission for Ijtihad or narrating hadiths.


Sayyid Husayn Kuhkamara'i had a stroke in 1291/1874-5. Treatments for him failed and he could not teach anymore. Nasir al-Din Shah Qajar sent a group of Tehran court physicians to treat him, but Sayyid did not fully recover until he passed away on Saturday, 23rd of Rajab 1299/June 10, 1882.

His student, Shaykh Ali Jawahiri Ba'lawi prayed upon his body and his body was buried in his house in al-'Imara neighborhood near the grave of Sahib Jawahir. Some sources have mentioned tuberculosis as the cause of his death and have mentioned that his grave is near the grave of Sayyid Baqir Qazwini or in al-Mishraq.

Sayyid Husayn had no children and all his compilations including his own writings and class scripts were given to his nephew, Sayyid Muhammad Hujjat Kuh Kamari'i.

Some scholars have mentioned a wonder about Sayyid Husayn Kuhkamara'i that after 20 years, when the body of his wife was to be buried beside him, his body was found fresh and without any decay.