Sayyid Musa Shubayri Zanjani

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Sayyid Musa Shubayri Zanjani
Personal Information
Religious AffiliationTwelver Shi'a
BirthRamadan 8, 1346/February 29, 1928
Place of BirthQom
ResidenceQom, Najaf
Studied inQom, Najaf
Scholarly Information
ProfessorsAyatollah Burujirdi, Ayatollah al-Khoei, and Sayyid Muhammad Muhaqqiq Damad

Sayyid Mūsā Shubayrī Zanjānī (Farsi: سَیِّد موسی شُبیری زَنجانی, b. 1928) is a Shiite authority and a teacher of advanced courses of fiqh (jurisprudence) and usul al-fiqh (principles of jurisprudence) in Qom. He was one of the 7 Shiite jurisprudents who were announced by Jami'a Mudarrisin (the Society of Iranian Seminary Teachers) at the Islamic Seminary of Qom as qualified for Marja'iyya after the death of Ayatollah Araki. Shubayri Zanjani studied in Qom and Najaf and attended the lectures of Ayatollah Burujirdi, Ayatollah al-Khoei, and Sayyid Muhammad Muhaqqiq Damad. He is characterized by his expertise in rijal (biographical evaluation) and by his rejection of the reliability of Khabar al-Wahid (single narrator report). Some of his works, including his investigations and editing of Rijal al-Najashi, have been published. Like his father, Sayyid Ahmad Zanjani, he has been the imam of morning, evening, and 'isha' congregational prayers in the Holy Shrine of Fatima al-Ma'suma (a).


Sayyid Musa Shubayri Zanjani was born in Qom on Ramadan 8, 1346/February 29, 1928. His father, Sayyid Ahmad Shubayri Zanjani, was a scholar of his time, who studied and taught in the Sayyid Seminary School of Zanjan for 25 years. He moved to Qom on November 27, 1927 and was close to Shaykh 'Abd al-Karim al-Ha'iri al-Yazdi.

Education and Teaching

Shubayri Zanjani began his studies in the Islamic seminary from 1940 or 1941 and finished the intermediate level in 3 or 4 years. He then attended the lectures of Sayyid Sadr al-Din al-Sadr and was the youngest of his students.

He attended Ayatollah Burujirdi's lectures on fiqh and usul al-fiqh, studying the issues of ghasb (usurpation), ijara (renting), and prayer with him. Sayyid Musa Shubayri Zanjani also attended Sayyid Muhammad Damad's lectures on fiqh for 21 years, in addition to a complete course of usul al-fiqh. Along with Sayyid Musa Sadr and Shahid Bihishti, he was a prominent student of Sayyid Muhammad Damad.

Migration to Najaf

Shubayri Zanjani went to the Islamic Seminary of Najaf once in 1953 and once again in 1954, where he attended the lectures of fiqh by Sayyid 'Abd al-Hadi Shirazi and Sayyid Muhsin Hakim. He also attended the lectures of Ayatollah Khu'i in fiqh and usul al-fiqh.

Teaching Advanced Courses

Sayyid Musa Shubayri Zanjani was a teacher of Haqqani Seminary in Qom in 1960s. He started teaching advanced courses of fiqh (known as "kharij al-fiqh") concerning hajj before 1968 during the lifetime of his teacher, Ayatollah Muhaqqiq Damad, which lasted for 15 years. He also taught advanced courses of usul al-fiqh for years, but did not continue teaching it. He discusses the main issues of usul al-fiqh within his courses of fiqh.


Ayatollah Shubayri Zanjani was one of the 7 jurisprudents who were announced as qualified for Marja'iyya by the Society of Seminary Teachers in Qom after the death of Ayatollah Muhammad 'Ali Araki in 1994.

Ayatollah Shubayri Zanjani's jurisprudential view is characterized by his expertise in rijal, his special consideration of hadiths, and his rejection of the reliability of Khabar al-Wahid. Moreover, he attaches particular importance to the views of Sayyid Muhsin Hakim and Ayatollah Khu'i in fiqh, he believes in the closure of the sources of knowledge of jurisprudential rulings (insidad bab al-'ilm), and does not believe in full-fledged governmental authorities for fuqaha.


In addition to his writings, Sayyid Musa Shubayri Zanjani has edited, investigated, and commented on some significant Shiite books. Here are his most important works:

Rijal al-Najashi investigated and edited by Sayyid Musa Shubayri Zanjani, published by the Publications of Jami'a Mudarrisin-i Hawza-yi 'Ilmiyya-yi Qom (Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom). The work was edited by reference to 14 reliable manuscripts of Rijal al-Najjashi.

Commentaries on the book, Ashna-yi haqq': athar wa ahwal-i 'irfani-yi Aqa Muhammad Bidabadi (Acquainted with the Truth: work and mystic life of Aqa Muhammad Bidabadi), written by 'Ali Sadra'i Khu'i. The book was published in 2012 by Khu'i Publications. It was originally published by Nahawandi Publication in 2000.

Jur'a-i az darya: the first part of the book contains 14 Persian essays; the second part contains 8 Arabic essays, and the last part contains scholarly, historical, and ethical remarks. It was published in Persian in 2009 in Mu'assisa Kitabshinasi in Qom.

Affiliated Institutes and Centers

Madrasa-yi Fiqhi-yi Imam Muhammad Baqir (a) (Imam Muhammad Baqir (a) Jurisprudential School) was established in 2001 for the purpose of advancing Islamic jurisprudential studies and training studious jurisprudents.

Markaz-i Fiqhi-yi Imam Muhammad Baqir (a) (Imam Muhammad Baqir (a) Jurisprudential Center) was established in May 2012 in order to revive the work of Sayyid Ahmad Shubayri Zanjani and publish the work of Sayyid Musa Shubayri Zanjani. It is concerned with issues in fiqh, usul al-fiqh, rijal, and fiqh al-hadith. It also answers people's jurisprudential questions, edits the lectures of Ayatollah Shubayri Zanjani in fiqh, and produces textbooks and tutorials for the Islamic Seminary.