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Al-Hawza al-'Ilmiyya

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Feydiyya School, the main school of Seminary of Qom, located near the holy shrine of Lady Fatima al-Ma'suma (a)

Shiʿa Seminary or al-Ḥawza al-ʿIlmīyya (Arabic: "الحوزة العلمية", Farsi: "حوزۀ علمیه") is the title given to the Twelver Shi'a educational institution which involves teaching religious ideas and educating religious students. Due to the importance of religious teachings including fiqh (Jurisprudence) , theology and Quranic sciences, a special educational system has been developed for this institution during Shi'a history.

Usually financial expenses of seminaries are covered through obligatory religious payments and donations of religious authorities.

There are relations between minor and major seminaries. Religious students usually begin their studies from smaller schools and later go to bigger schools to complete their education.

Seminaries of Qom, Najaf, Baghdad, Hillah, Jabal Amel and Isfahan have been the most important Shi'a seminaries and each has been the total authority of all Shi'a for a while. Every seminary usually manages some schools.

Levels of education in seminary are, Muqaddamat (the preliminary level), Sath (the intermediate level) and Kharij lessons (the advanced level).