Hajj al-Ifrad

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Hajj al-Ifrad (Arabic: حجّ الإفراد) is one of the three types of hajj and like hajj al-qiran, it is obligatory for those who live in Mecca or near Mecca. The steps of this hajj are like hajj al-tamattu' but making sacrifice is not necessary in it. In some cases, it would be necessary to change Hajj al-Tamattu' to Hajj al-Ifrad.

The Three Types of Hajj

There are three types of hajj: Hajj al-Tamattu', hajj al-qiran and Hajj al-Ifrad. The cause of naming Hajj al-Ifrad is that contrary to Hajj al-Tamattu', it does not have 'umra.

Similar to hajj al-qiran, Hajj al-Ifrad is obligatory for the people of Mecca and those who live in a distance of less than 48 mils (about 86 km) from Mecca. Some scholars in fiqh have considered this distance 12 mils (about 21.5 km). There are different opinions regarding whether these people need to al-'Umra al-Mufrada after hajj or not.

In recommended hajj, the pilgrim is free to choose whichever of different types of hajj.

Practices of Hajj al-Ifrad

Steps and practices of hajj al-ifrad are like the practices of hajj in Hajj al-Tamattu' and only sacrifice (hady) is not obligatory in it (but it is recommended). These steps are as below:

Majority of scholars in fiqh believe that in hajj al-ifrad, tawaf for visiting, tawaf al-nisa' and its related prayer can be performed before staying in 'Arafat. This way, Islamic scholars have different opinions regarding taking off ihram and the necessity of repeating talbiya after each time of tawaf.

Rituals of hajj al-ifrad are like hajj al-tamattu' and hajj al-qiran and need to be done in the months of hajj (Shawwal, Dhu l-Qa'da and Dhu l-Hijja).

Permission for Changing the Type of Hajj

Majority of scholars in fiqh believe that the person who needs to do hajj al-ifrad cannot freely perform Hajj al-Tamattu'.

A menstruating woman or one who does not have enough time to perform 'umrat al-tamattu' needs to change his intention to hajj al-ifrad and perform its practices. These people need to perform al-'umra al-mufrada after hajj al-ifrad.

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  • The content of this article is mainly taken from حج افراد in Farsi WikiShia.