Wadi l-'Aqiq

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Location of Mawaqit

Wādī 'Aqīq (Arabic:وادي عقيق) is one of the Miqats [venue] for Hajj and 'Umra. It has three parts: Maslakh, Ghamra and Dhat 'Irq.


Wadi 'Aqiq is located in 92 km north east of Mecca toward Najd and Tahama. It is said that Dhat 'Irq is the name of a mountain near Mecca.

Miqat of Hajj

Shi'a scholars of fiqh regard Wadi 'Aqiq the Miqat [venue] of the people from Iraq and the East. Wadi 'Aqiq includes Maslakh, Ghamra and Dhat 'Irq. Most of scholars consider it permissible to wear Ihram from each of these places. Some of them have considered wearing Ihram from Dhat 'Irq only in case of emergency.

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  • The material for this article is mainly taken from وادی عقیق in Farsi Wikishia.