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Abd Allah b. al-Hasan al-Muthanna

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Abd Allah b. al-Hasan al-Muthanna
Taking allegiance for his son, al-Nafs al-Zakiyya
His tomb
Teknonym Abu Muhammad
Well-known As 'Abd Alla al-Mahd
Lineage Al Hasan
Well-known Relatives Al-Hasan al-Muthanna (father), al-Nafs al-Zakiyya, Ibrahim (sons)
Place of Residence Medina
Death/Martyrdom 145/763
Era Late Ummayad and early Abbasid

ʿAbd Allāh b. al-Ḥasan al-Muthannā (Arabic: عبدالله بن الحسن المثنیٰ) known as ʿAbd Allāh al-Mahḍ (عبدالله المحض) was a grandson of Imam al-Hasan al-Mujtaba (a). Toward the end of Umayyad government during the imamate of Imam al-Sadiq (a), 'Abd Allah b. al-Hasan Muthanna called his son Muhammad, as the promised al-Mahdi, and asked people to give allegiance to him.

Among his children, Muhammad (al-Nafs al-Zakiyya) and Ibrahim (Qatil Bakhamra) who rose against Abbasid government were killed, but Idris established the first Shi'a government (Idrisids).