Sunan al-nabi (book)

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Sunan al-nabi (book)
Author'Allama Tabataba'i
Original titleسنن النبی
Series1 Volume
SubjectThe Prophet (s), Ethic
English translation
TranslatorTahir Ridha Jaffer
En. publisherIslamic Publishing House

Sunan al-Nabī (Arabic: سنن النبی) is a book written by 'Allama Tabatab'i in order to be an introduction to the traditions of the Prophet (s). This book originally is in Arabic and it has 21 chapters and it has been translated into Persian, English and Urdu.


'Allama Tabataba'i by taking this verse "certainly you have in the messenger of Allah an excellent exemplar"[1] as a principle, wrote the book to be an introductory to general moralities and manners of the Prophet (s) which is all in all called "tradition of the prophet (s)".[2] He wrote in the book:

This book is a collection of narrations about traditions of the prophet (s) which includes his practical manners and the actions he (s) used to regularly perform and were important to him (s)

The book also contains an appendix about the prophet's appearance. In this regard 'Allama Tabataba'i says at the preface:

We also mentioned some of the narrations about his (s) appearance even though it was out of the subject because of receiving bless and also because they have indicated some of his (s) manners and moralities.


In this book the minor incidents has not been mentioned and 'Allama Tabataba'i sufficed to mention general points about the moralities of the Prophet (s). In order to have a concise book, 'Allama Tabataba'i omitted the chain of transmitters but differentiated between Musnad (hadith with transmitter chain) and Mursal (hadith without transmitter chain) hadiths and mentioned the source texts for researchers to be able for further studies.[3]

This book basically has 21 chapters and 411 hadiths but it also has some appendixes in 23 chapters and 507 hadiths and totally it contains 918 hadiths about manner and traditions of the Prophet (s). its chapters are as follow:

  • Chapter 1: Appearance of the Prophet (s)
  • Chapter 2: the manners of the Prophet (s) in company
  • Chapter 3: the manners of cleansing and commands of beauty
  • Chapter 4: the manners of travel of the Prophet (s)
  • Chapter 5: the manners of clothing of the Prophet (s)
  • Chapter 6: the manners of house
  • Chapter 7: the manners of sleep and bed of the Prophet (s)
  • Chapter 8: the manners of intercourse and training of children
  • Chapter 9: the manners of having foods and drinks and manners of travel
  • Chapter 10: the manners of using toilet
  • Chapter 11: the manners for dead
  • Chapter 12: the manners of treatment
  • Chapter 13: the manners of using toothbrush
  • Chapter 14: the manners of ablution (wudu)
  • Chapter 15: the manner of ritual bath(ghusl)
  • Chapter 16: the manners of prayer
  • Chapter 17: the manners of fasting
  • Chapter 18: the manners of i'tikaf
  • Chapter 19: the manners of charity
  • Chapter 20: the manners of reciting of the holy Quran
  • Chapter 21: the manners of supplication and mentioning some of the supplications and praises to God
  • Appendixes in the manners of company and sundries issues like appearance of the prophet (a).


This book has been written in Arabic and was a part of al-Mizan exegeses and after a while it was published separately as well.

The book has been translated to English in 1428/2007 by Tahir Ridha Jaffer. Also there are many Persian translations of the book by translators like Muhammad Hadi Fiqhi, Husayn Qahastani,[4] Husayn Ustadvali,[5] 'Abbas 'Azizi.[6] The book has been translated to Urdu in 1418/1997-8 by Wali al-Hasan Radawi.

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