Al-Dujayl Massacre

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Al-Dujayl massacre (Arabic: مجزرة الدجیل) refers to the attack of Ba'ath forces in 1402/1982 to al-Dujayl, Iraq which led to the killing of 148 people. This attack was made by the order of Saddam Hussein in reaction to a failed assassination attempt on him in this city.

In 2006, Saddam Hussein was executed with the charge of al-Dujayl massacre.

City of al-Dujayl

Al-Dujayl is a city in Iraq, most citizens of which are Shi'a. This city is located sixty kilometers north of Baghdad in Salah al-Din province. Most citizens of al-Dujayl work in the agriculture sector. Ibrahim b. Malik al-Ashtar is buried in this city.

Assassination of Saddam Hussein

In the month of Ramadan 1402/June-July 1982, Saddam Hussein visited al-Dujayl. Some armed forces attacked the caravan of Saddam in the city and some gunmen volleyed bullets at the cars of Saddam and his guards. Saddam escaped this attack. After he went out of that place, other attempts were made to assassinate him. In these encounters two of his guards were killed. This attack was made by the members of al-Da'wat al-Islamiyya party.

Massacre of People

Many of Ba'ath forces, with the support of Iraqi air force, attacked the city. Hundreds of men, women and children were arrested. Many people were killed under torture and many were sentenced to death and were executed.

According to statistics, 148 people were killed by the government among whom, there were also some women and children. Based on unofficial statistics, the number of people killed by Saddam was much more. Those who were killed and executed were buried in unknown places.

More than hundred thousand hectares of fertile lands of al-Dujayl were destroyed by Ba'ath government. Many houses were destroyed. Those who remained alive were forced to leave their home and the city and were not allowed to return to the city for four years.

Execution of Saddam

In 2003, American forces captured Saddam Hussein in a farm near Tikrit after the occupation of Iraq.

The court sentenced Saddam to death with the charge of killing 148 people in al-Dujayl region. Saddam was executed in the morning of Eid al-Adha, December 30th, 2006.