Abu l-Hasan al-Bahrani

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Abu l-Hasan al-Bahrani
Personal Information
Full NameJamal al-Din Ali b. Sulayman al-Satrawi al-Bahrani
Well-Known AsAbu l-Hasan al-Bahrani, Abu l-Hasan Jamal al-Din
Studied inBahrain
Burial PlaceSitra
Scholarly Information
ProfessorsIbn Sa'ada

Abū l-Ḥasan Jamāl al-Dīn (or Kamāl al-Dīn) ʿAlī b. Sulayman al-Satrāwī al-Baḥrānī (Arabic: اَبوالحَسَن جَمال الدّین عَلی بن سُلَیمان السَتراوی البَحرانی) known as Abu l-Ḥasan al-Baḥrānī was a Shi'a philosopher, scholar of theology and hadith in the seven/thirteen century. He was a student of Ibn Sa'ada. One of his most famous works is Miftah al-khayr.


There is not much information about his life, but of his name, it can be said that he was from Sitra of Bahrain and possibly has received his education there.

His most famous teacher has been the Shia scholar, Abu Ja'far Kamal al-Din al-Bahrani, known as Ibn Sa'ada from whom Abu l-Hasan Ali took permission for narrating hadiths. After the death of his teacher, al-Bahrani sent his treatise discussing 24 issues in divine attributes and knowledge to Nasir al-Dn al-Tusi and asked him to explain about its complicated discussions. There is no information about the year of al-Bahrani's demise. His grave is located in the village of Sitra near the grave of his teacher.


  • Al-Isharat is a book on Twelver Shia theology and philosophy. Aqa Buzurg saw a copy of it in Iraq written by Husayn b. Ali, al-Bahrani's son whose complete name has been mentioned as Isharat al-wasilin ila 'ulum al-'amyan wa tanbihat ahl a-'ayan min arbab al-bayan. His student, Ibn Maytham has also written a commentary on the book.
  • Salaman wa absal is a summary of the Arabic translation of the book by Hunayn b. Ishaq from this story in Greek, but in the version of this book as compiled on the margin of Nasir al-Din al-Tusi's Sharh al-Isharat (printed in 1305 Sh/1926-7), there is no mention of the name of al-Bahrani.
  • Miftah al-Khayr which is the commentary on the introduction of Ibn Sina's Risalat al-tayr. Aqa Buzurg reported about the existence of a copy of it in the library of Khwansari in Najaf.
  • Al-Nahj (al-Manhaj) al-mustaqim 'alatariqat al-hakim which is a commentary on Ibn Sina's ode al-'Ayniyya. Aqa Buzurg saw a number of its copies.