Al-Sayyid Muhammad Hasan al-Qazwini al-Ha'iri

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Al-Sayyid Muhammad Hasan al-Qazwini al-Ha'iri
Personal Information
Studied inKarbala, Najaf, Samarra
Death26 Rajab of 1380/January 14, 1961
Burial PlaceKarbala
Scholarly Information
ProfessorsAkhund Muhammad Kazim al-Khurasani,al-Sayyid Muhammad Kazim Tabataba'i Yazdi

Al-Sayyid Muḥammad Ḥasan b. Muḥammad Bāqir al-Qazwīnī (Arabic: محمدحسن بن محمدباقر القزویني), (b. 1296/1878-9 - d. 1380/1961) is one of the Shi'a theologians and faqihs in 14/20 century. One of his works is al-Barahin al-jaliyya fi daf' tashkikat al-Wahhabiyya, which is a response to some of the objections proposed by Ibn Taymiyyah.


Al-Sayyid Muhammad Hasan al-Ha'iri was born in Karbala in the 1296/1878-9.[1] His paternal grandfather is al-Sayyid Muhammad Baqir al-Musawi al-Qazwini titled as Mu'allim al-Sultan (Arabic:معلم السلطان), and his maternal grandfather is al-Sayyid 'Ali al-Tabataba'i, the author of the book Riyad al-masa'il.[2] Al-Sayyid Muhammad Hasan al-Ha'iri al-Qazwini died in Karbala on the day 26 Rajab of 1380/January 14, 1961 and is buried in the tomb of al-Sayyid Muhammad al-Mujahid.[3]


Al-Sayyid Muhammad Hasan al-Ha'iri learned the elementary courses of religious sciences in Karbala and then, he immigrated to Najaf for graduate studies. Akhund Muhammad Kazim al-Khurasani[4] and al-Sayyid Muhammad Kazim al-Tabataba'i al-Yazdi are among his great teachers.[5] One year after the death of Akhund al-Khurasani, he went to Samarra for studying to be a student of Mirza Muhammad Taqi Shirazi.[6]

After three years of residency in Samarra and with the beginning of World War I and the political turmoil in Iraq, he came back to Karbala and started teaching, researching and writing up to his death.


Al-Barahin al-jaliyya fi daf' tashkikat al-wahhabiyya


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