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Location of Hudaybiyya

Ḥudaybīyya (Arabic:حديبية) is a village about one station (about 24 km) away from Mecca and 9 stations away from Medina. A part of this village is inside the sanctuary of Mecca and a part of that is outside the sanctuary and its name is adopted from the name of the Well of Hudaybiyya or a tree called Hadba' which existed in that region.

One of the most important events happened in this region has been Hudaybiyya Peace Treaty which was the written peace treaty signed in 6/628 between the Prophet (s) and the polytheists of Mecca and is mentioned in the Qur'an 48. Also, the Pledge of al-Ridwan happened in this region.

People in Mecca who want to perform al-'umra al-mufrada should exit Haram area and perform ihram in the first spot out of Haram (adna l-hill). It is recommended to perfrom ihram from one of the three miqats, including Hudaybiyya.

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  • The material for this article is mainly taken from حدیبیه in Farsi Wikishia.