Ghadir Khumm

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Ghadīr Khumm (Arabic : غدير خم) is the name of a pond[1] located in Khumm on the road from Mecca to Medina. In this place, on Dhu l-Hijja 18,10 (March 16, 632), the Prophet (s) announced Imam 'Ali (a) as his successor. This event is known as the event of Ghadir.

Geographical Location

Ghadir Khumm is located 4 km away from Juhfa. Juhfa is approximately 64 km to the north of Mecca and is one of the five Miqats for pilgrims performing Hajj.[2] Due to the water supply and the shade of a few trees, Ghadir Khumm was a stopping place for caravans.[3]

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