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Najrān (Arabic: نجران) is a city located between Hijaz and Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula, in which a large population of Christians were living before Islam. The Prophet (s) made peace with them with tribute (jizya) and after that they gradually became Muslim, except for a group who migrated to Iraq, between Kufa and Wasit. So Najran was the name of two cities, one in the Arabian Peninsula and another in Iraq.

Christians mentioned in the Event of Mubahala, were inhabitants of Najran, who after mubahala accepted to pay tribute and live under the Islamic government, they lived there until the rule of 'Umar. He deported them to Iraq. After that their place in Iraq became named as "Najran Iraq" (Iraqi Najran).


  • The material of this article is mainly taken from نجران in Farsi WikiShia.