Al-Sha'baniyya Supplication

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This article is an introduction to the al-Sha'baniyya Supplication; to read its text see text:al-Sha'baniyya Supplication.
Al-Sha'baniyya Supplication
Issued byImam 'Ali (a)
NarratorIbn Khalawayh
Shi'a sourcesIqbal al-a'mal
MonographsSharh-i munajat Sha'baniyya by Muhammad Mahdi Gilani • Sharh wa tafsir-i akhlaqi-yi munajat Sha'baniyya by Husayn Mazahiri


Al-Shaʿbāniyya supplication (Arabic: المناجاة الشعبانية) is a supplication narrated from Imam 'Ali (a), and was being recited by all Imams. The supplication is the total instance of the supplication and the mood of the best of servants of Allah. Shi'as recite the supplication mainly in Sha'ban but it is not limited to Sha'ban.

Chain of Narration

Al-Sha'baniyya supplication is narrated from Imam 'Ali (a) and was being recited by all Imams (a).

The supplication is narrated from Ibn Khalawayh by Ibn Tawus in Iqbal al-a'mal,[1] al-'Allama al-Majlisi in Bihar al-anwar[2] and Zad al-ma'ad,[3] al-Samahiji in al-Sahifa al-'alawiyya,[4] and Shaykh 'Abbas Qummi in Mafatih al-jinan.[5] The supplication is a mursal hadith.

Character of the Narrator

Ibn Khalawayh, in addition to being one of the geniuses of the Arabic literature, was one of the followers of Ahl al-Bayt (a), and was trusted by the great Shi'a scholars. He has written some books like: Kitab lays, Kitab ishtiqaq and Kitab qira'at. He was a student of great scholars like Ibn Durayd, Ibn Mujahid, Ibn Anbari, Ibn Naftawayh, and Sirafi.[6]

In View of Scholars

Imam Khomeini: "al-Sha'baniyya supplication is one of the greatest supplications and one of the vastest divine wisdom which only some people can benefit from it to the extent of their understanding. Have you read the al-Sha'baniyya supplication? Read it! The al-Sha'baniyya supplication is one of the supplications which if someone follows it and thinks about it, it brings him to the purpose."

Mirza Javad Maliki: "al-Sha'baniyya supplication contains a vast knowledge about the quality of the dealing of the servant with God, it is the manner of supplication and asking forgiveness."[7]

Sayyid 'Ali Khamenei: al-Sha'baniyya supplication –which is narrated that Ahl al-bayt (a) were reciting it- is one of the supplications that their mystical style and their eloquent expressions, have a very prominent content and full of divine wisdom, which is not found in ordinary tongues and expressions, and basically could not be stated with ordinary tongues. The supplication is a complete instance of orison and supplication of the righteous servants of God, to their beloved God and to the holy Lord. It is the lesson of wisdom, the example and instance of supplication and the request of a faithful person from God.

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