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Rabi' I

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Lunar Hijri Calendar

Rabiʿ al-Awwal (Arabic: رَبیع الأوَّل) is the third month of the lunar year.

The word rabi' (Arabic: ربیع) is from the root "r-b-'a" (ر-ب-ع) which means the number four, and since spring (the season) is one-fourth of the year, it came to be called "rabi'". Both Rabi' I and Rabi' II are called "rabi' " (spring) because their appellation occurred in this season.


The month is known among Shiites as the month of happiness, since the birthdays of the Prophet (s) and Imam al-Sadiq (a), and the first day of Imam al-Mahdi (a)'s imamate, have occurred in this month.

Mirza Jawad Maliki Tabrizi writes in his well-known book, al-Muraqibat, that Rabi' I is the spring of all the other months, in which the divine blessings are visible. In this month, the treasuries of divine blessings and the lights of His beauty descend on the Earth, because the Prophet (s)'s birthday has occurred in this month, and it may be said that no blessing like the Prophet (s) himself has ever been bestowed to the Earth since the beginning of its creation; the superiority of this blessing over the others is comparable to the superiority of the Prophet (s) to other creatures.

Practices of Rabi' I
The first day
The ninth day
  • Feeding people in need
  • Wearing new clothes
The twelfth day
The 17th day (the birthday of the Prophet (s))
  • Ritual bath (ghusl)
  • Fasting (that is awarded by God like one year of fasting)
  • Ziyarah of the Prophet (s)
  • Ziyarah of Imam Ali (a)
  • Saying two rak'as of prayers; in each rak'a after Sura al-Hamd, one should recite Sura al-Qadr ten times and Sura al-Tawhid ten times, and recite the following orison after the prayers: "Allāhumma anta ḥayy lā tamūt…" (O' God! You are living and never die…)
  • Almsgiving

Important Events of Rabi' I

  • The birthday of the Prophet (s), on the account of Shiite Muslims, Rabi' I 17, 'Am al-Fil