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Al-Shaf' Prayer

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Al-Shafʿ prayer (Arabic: صلاة الشَفع) is a two-rak'a prayer included in night prayer. Al-Shaf' prayer is performed at the end of night prayer, after performing four two-rak'a prayers. After al-Shaf' prayer, one rak'a is performed called al-Watr prayer with which night prayer ends. Al-Shaf and al-Watr prayers are considered the most rewarded parts of the night prayer.

Cause of Naming

The word "shaf'" means appending something to something else and means even, against al-Watr which means odd.

Method of Performing

Al-Shaf' prayer has two rak'as. This prayer is a part of night prayer, performed at the end of it, before al-Watr prayer. Night prayer has eleven rak'as and is comprised of four two-rak'a prayers, one two-rak'a prayer of al-Shaf' and one rak'a prayer of al-Watr.

According to some hadiths, it is recommended to recite Qur'an 112 after Qur'an 1 in al-Shaf' prayer. In some hadiths, it is advised to recite Qur'an 113 in the first rak'a and Qur'an 114 in the second rak'a after Qur'an 1.

Time of Performing

According to some sources, the time of night prayer is after shar'i midnight, upon the true fajr. Some others considered its time after Isha' prayer.


Al-Shaf' prayer together with al-Watr prayer make the most rewarded parts of the night prayer. In Imam Khomeini's Tahrir al-wasila, it is mentioned that a person who does not have time to perform all eleven rak'as of the night prayer, can suffice to perform al-Shaf' and al-Watr prayers.

Supplication after al-Shaf' Prayer

According to Shaykh Abbas Qummi in Mafatih al-jinan, after al-Shaf' prayer, it is recommended to recite the supplication beginning with "Ilahi Ta'arrad-a lak-a…" (الهی تَعَرَّضَ لَکَ) which is among the supplications of the eve of the mid-Sha'ban.

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  • The material for this article is mainly taken from نماز شفع in Farsi WikiShia.