List of Works by Ahmad al-Ahsa'i

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List of Works by Ahmad al-Ahsa'i is collection of works by 'Ahmad al-Ahsa'i a well-known Imamiyya scholar, philosopher and jurist to whom Shaykhiyya (a Shiite sect) is attributed. Al-Ahsa'i has left many works in various topics. There are two bibliographies of his works:

Many of al-Ahsa'i's works are short essays that he wrote in response to some questions; some of these were later recognized as highly significant and were published independently. Al-Ahsa'i has left over hundred essays that might be found in some printed or manuscript collections.

Below is the list of his works:

The book Sharh al-ziyara al-jami'a al-kabira
  • Jawāmi' al-kalim, A collection of ninety two essays as responses to some letters. Most of al-Ahsa'i's essays might be found in this collection. The second volume of this work contains twelve long qasidas by al-Ahsa'i as an elegy for Imam al-Husayn (a).
  • Ḥayat al-nafs fī ḥazīra al-quds, A short book concerning the principles of beliefs that is printed both in Jawami' al-kalim and independently. There are two Persian translations of the book by Sayyid Kazim Rashti and Shaykh Muhammad Husayn 'Azimabadi Hari.
  • Sharḥ al-zīyāra al-jami'a al-kabīra, The greatest and the best known work of al-Ahsa'i.
  • Sharḥ al-mashā'ir, An exposition of a work by Sadr al-Din al-Shirazi.
  • Al-fawā'id, Containing twelve chapters concerning the general problems of existence, divine creation and human acts. Al-Ahsa'i himself has written an exposition for this book.
  • Majmu'a al-rasā'il , containing thirty three essays.
  • Majmu'a al-rasā'il (collection of essays) regarding the Quranic disciplines. Most of these essays are by Muhammad Karim Khan Kermani, and two of them are by al-Ahsa'i:
  1. Risāla fī rasm 'alfāz al-qurān al-sharīf (an essay concerning how the Quranic words should be written).
  2. Risāla fī ba'ḍ 'asrār al-tajwīd (an essay concerning how the Quranic words should be pronounced).
  • Mukhtaṣar al-risāla al-ḥaydarīyya fī fiqh al-ṣalawāt al-yawmīyya (it is a fiqhi essay about prayers).
  • Afḍalīyyat ba'ḍ al-a'imma alā ba'ḍ

There are many manuscripts of al-Ahsa'i that are kept in the Sa'adat Library of Kerman, some of which have not yet been published.