List of Works by Muhammad Mahdi Shams al-Din

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List of works by Muhammad Mahdi Shams al-Din (1936-2001) is collection of books and articles published by Shaykh Muhammad Mahdi Shams al-Din, a Lebanese Shiite scholar and political theorist. Some of Shams al-Din’s books are missing in the wake of an Israeli raid in his house in Beirut, and many of his works are indeed the articles he presented in conferences or lectures he gave. His writings are characterized by novelty and creativity along with realism and consideration of the true demands of the Islamic world as well as reliance on, and commitment to, the cultural heritage of Shiism.[1]

Here are the works published by Shaykh Mahdi Shams al-Din:

File:نظام الحکم و الاراده فی الاسلام.jpg
The book Nizam al-hukm wa l-idara fi l-Islam.

  • Al-Ijtihad wa l-tajdid fi l-fikr al-Islami, attached to a collection of articles published in Arabic journals
  • Al-ijtihad wa l-taqlid, a comparative argumentative jurisprudential discussion
  • Al-Ihtikar fi l-Shari'a al-Islamiyya, a comparative argumentative jurisprudential discussion
  • Al-Ummat wa l-dawla wa al-harkat al-Islamiyya
  • Ansar al-Husayn, al-rijal wa al-dilalat, biographical account of Imam al-Husayn's companions and their sacrifices. He does not merely provide a biographical account, but also their practice.
File:کتاب انصار الحسین.jpg
The book Ansar al-Husayn.
  • Ahliyyat al-mar'a li-tawalli al-sulta
  • Bayn al-jahiliyya wa al-Islam, Shams al-Din seeks to create a boundary between Islam and non-Islam and the demarcation of the Islamic territory. The work was honored by Al-Sayyid Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr.
  • Al-Tajdid fi l-fikr al-Islami
  • Tahdid al-nasl, mashru'iyyatihi wa wasa'ilihi, dirasat wa mawaqif
  • Al-Tatbi' bayn darurat al-'anzima wa khiyarat al-'umma
  • Tafsir ayat al-Sawm
  • Thawrat al-Husayn: zurufuha l-'ijtima'iyya wa atharuha l-insaniyya a new perspective on the uprising of Imam al-Husayn (a). He accounts for the Event of Karbala in terms of the contemporary notions such as human dignity, social justice, and the promotion of human spirituality. The work was translated into English by Sayyid Hasan al-Amin under the rising of al-Husayn: its Impact on the consciousness of Muslim Society.
  • Thawrat al-Husayn fi l-wijdan al-sha'bi. This work seeks to show that Imam al-Husayn’s uprising is distinguished among all uprisings, which is why it has gone through the hearts of Shias and others.
  • Harkat al-tarikh 'inda l-Imam Ali, dirasat fi nahj al-balagha. This is concerned with the ground of history and the human progression in Imam Ali’s view. The last issue he discusses is sedition and Imam 'Ali’s position about it.
  • Huquq al-zawjiyya wa haq al-'amal li l-mar'a
  • Dirasat fi nahj al-balagha. The book is concerned with a consideration of the texts of Nahj al-balagha concerning social and political issues. The book was written by Shams al-Din in Iraq in 1956.
  • Dirasat wa mawaqif fi l-fikr wa l-siyasa wa l-mujtama'. This is series of lectures by Shams al-Din in Lebanon and abroad or his articles in newspapers and journals concerning social and political issues.
  • Risalat al-huquq li l-Imam Zayn al-'Abidin
  • Al-Satr wa l-nazar. This is the first book in the series of difficult problems about the jurisprudence of women issues (Masa'il harija fi fiqh al-mir'a). The author distinguishes four problems as crucial for contemporary Muslim women: veil (Hijab), presidency, spousal rights, and women’s economic and social activities in the society.
  • Al-Salm wa qadaya al-harb 'inda al-Imam Ali. An investigation of Imam 'Ali’s view of war and peace in relations between states and nations.
  • Sharh 'ahd al-Ashtar. Letter of Imam 'Ali (a) to Malik al-Ashtar, the governor of Egypt, as a major political and social document, which deals with the essentials of a desired social system. These are explicated by Shams al-Din given the contemporary needs of Muslims.
  • 'Ashura, majmu'at muhadirat fi dhikr 'Ashura. This book includes lectures on politics and religion, compiled and edited by a group of scholars.
  • 'Aqa'id al-Shi'a al-Imamiyya
  • Al-'Ilmaniyya: tahlil wa naqd li l-'ilmaniyya muhtawan wa tarikhan fi muwajihat al-Masihiyya wa l-Islam wa hal tuslih li mashakil Lubnan. This book consists of two sections: a solution to the dilemma faced by Muslims in their encounter with the Western civilization and secularism, and consideration of secularism and a critique of its solutions in Lebanon as well as an analysis of two kinds of secularism: religious secularism and atheistic secularism.
  • Al-Ghadir, dirasat tahliliyya ijtima'iyya siyasiyya li mas'alat al-hukm al-Islami ba'd wafat al-Rasul
  • Fi l-Ijtima' al-siyasi al-Islamiyya al-mujtama' al-siyasi al-Islami / muhawalat ta'sil fiqhi wa tarikhi. In this book, Shams al-Din analyzes the political dimension of the Islamic society from jurisprudential and historical perspectives.
  • Lubnan al-kiyan wa l-dur
  • Muhadarat fi l-tarikh al-Islami
  • Mutarahat fi l-fikr al-maddi wa l-fikr al-dini. A consideration and critique of ideas presented by academicians and elites in journals concerning materialistic ideas and their conflicts with religious views. The bulk of the book consists in critiques of capitalism and Marxism.
  • Ma'a al-Imam al-Rida fi dhikr wafatihi
  • Al-Muqawama fi l-khitab al-fighi l-siyasi. A series of lectures and short pieces of writing about Jihad and the resistance of Lebanese people, particularly the Shias in Southern Lebanon, from the perspective of political sciences and the Shiite jurisprudence. Articles in this collection are introduced in the section on journal articles.


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