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List of Works by Muhammad Hirz al-Din

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This article is about the works by Muhammad Hirz al-Din. For biographical information, see Muhammad Hirz al-Din.

List of works by Muḥammad Ḥirz al-Dīn is collection of works by Muhammad Hirz al-Din (d.1365/1945-6), a Shi'i scholar of jurisprudence, principals of jurisprudence, literature, and rijal in the 14th/20th century. More than seventy works in different disciplines are attributed to him. Ma'arif al-rijal and Maraqid al-ma'arif are among his most famous books.

Jurisprudential Works

  • Kitab al-masa'il; a complete course of demonstrative jurisprudence in three volumes.
  • Al-Tahara wa anwa'uha; in two volumes.
  • Kitab al-salat wa l-sawm wa l-zakat wa l-khums
  • Ahkam al-mawta
  • Miftah al-najat
  • Miftah al-najah wa mukhtasar al-miftah; that is his brief Tawdih al-masa'il or manual of fatwas and was published in Najaf in 1343/1924-5.
  • Al-Qawa'id al-fiqhiyya wa qawa'id al-ahkam

Works in Principals of Jurisprudence

Theological Works

  • Al-Ihtijaj
  • Al-Ihtijaj 'ala kitabiyayn (or 'ala l-Yahud wa l-Nasara)
  • Al-Islam wa l-iman, al-Imama
  • Al-Ghayba in which he proved the life of Shi'a twelfth Imam (a) and some scholars have written down epigrams on it. According to Ja'far Shaykh Baqir al-i Mahbuba, it is among his most famous works.

Rijali Works

He has written some important works in Rijal and Tarajim (the science of biographies) as well:

  • Al-fawa'id al-rijaliyya
  • Qawa'id al-rijal wa fawa'id al-maqal
  • Maraqid al-ma'arif that is a research on sadats, the offspring of the Prophet (s) and scholars' graves. At first this book was published in Najaf in 1391/1971 and then in Qom in 1412/1991-2.

Other works

Shaykh Hirz al-Din also had some books and treatises in traditional medicine, traditional astronomy, traditional mathematics and occult sciences including:

  • Al-Tib wa asas al-'ilaj
  • Kitab al-fawa'id, about Greek medicine in Persian
  • 'Izah al-tahrir, in the geometry that is a commentary on Nasir al-Din al-Tusi's Tahrir al-usul Uqlidus
  • Najat al-da'in wa wasila al-khati'in, in prayers and talismans
  • Mafatih al-fawa'id
  • Sharh al-da'ira al-Hindiyya

He has numerous works in literature as well, including:

  • Al-Masadir al-sarfiyya
  • Qawa'id al-lugha
  • Washy al-burud, that is a collection of his poems.