List of Works by Abu 'Ali al-Ha'iri

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List of Works by Abu 'Ali al-Ha'iri, is collection of books by Muhammad b. Isma'il b. 'Abd al-Jabbar al-Ha'iri, a Shi'a jurist and scholar of rijal of thirteenth/seventeenth century.

The below is list of his works:

The book Muntaha l-maqal

Several glosses have been written on this book some of which have been mentioned in al-Dhari'a by Aqa Buzurg Tihrani. The most important ones are: Takmila Rijal Abi Ali written by Mulla Ali Baghdadi al-Ha'iri andIkmal Muntaha al-maqal written by Muhammad Ali Al Kashkul al-Ha'iri.

Muntaha al-maqal has been published several times. It was recently printed in seven volumes.


His works which are available in manuscript are:

Other Works

In Muntaha al-maqal, Abu Ali named some of his other works, including:

  • 'Aqd al-la'ali fi l-radd 'ala l-ta'fat al-ghabiyya
  • Al-Nukhbat al-wajiza (a summary of the chapter of hajj from Riyad al-masa'il written by Sayyid Ali Tabataba'i).