List of Works by Sayyid Hamid Husayn Musavi

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This article is about the works by Sayyid Hamid Husayn Musavi. For biographical information, see Sayyid Hamid Husayn Musavi.

List of Works by Sayyid Hamid Husayn Musavi is collection of works by Sayyid Hamid Husayn Musavi (b. 1246/1830 - d. 1306/1888) known as Mir Hamid Husayn al-Hindi is a Shi'i scholars of 13th/19th century in India.

Hamid Husayn was a researcher and wrote many books to defend Shi'a. He also wrote some works to reject anti-Shi'a books. He wrote books in theology, jurisprudence, travel logs, poetry, etc. His most famous book is 'Abaqat al-anwar which he wrote to prove the discipline of imamate and defend the wilaya of Imam 'Ali (a).

The book Abaqat al-anwar

The below is list of his works:

  • Istiqsa' al-afham: a response to the book Muntaha al-kalam by Haydar Ali Fid Abadi al-Hanafi. This book which is about integrity of the Qur'an has has 10 volumes and is written in Farsi language.
  • Ifham ahl al-min fi radd izalat al-ghain: a response to the book Isalat al-ghain by Haydar Ali Fid Abadi al-Hanafi.
  • Al-Shari'at al-gharra': complete jurisprudence.
  • Al-Tarif, collection of mysteries.
  • Safhat al-almas fi hukm al-irtimas
  • Al-'Ashrat al-kamila in solving ten complicated problem.
  • Asfar al-anwar 'an haqa'iq afdal al-asfar: description of his trips to Mecca and holy shrines of Iraq.
  • Kashf al-mu'dalat fi hall-i al-mushkilat
  • Al-Najm al-thaqib fi mas'alat al-irth
  • Al-Durar al-saniyya fi al-makatib wa al-munshi'at al-'arabiyya
  • Zayn al-masa'il ila tahqiq al-masa'il , in different jurisprudential issues.
  • Durrat al-tahqiq
  • Al-Zill al-mamdud wa al-talh al-mandud
  • Al-Ghasb al-butar fi mabhath ayat al-ghar