List of Works by Sayyid 'Abd al-Husayn Dastghiyb

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The list of works by Sayyid ʿAbd al-Husayn Dastghiyb includes the books written by Sayyid 'Abd al-Husayn Dastghiyb (d. 1981). He as a Shi'a scholar and the third martyr of the altar in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Most of Dastghiyb’s works were concerned with ethics and religious beliefs. Some of his books have sold over one million copies. An electronic version of his collected work has been published by Noor Center for Computer Research.

Here is the list of Dastghiyb’s work in the alphabetic order:
  • 82 Questions (including 82 questions and answers about the principles of religious beliefs and replies to objections)
  • Islamic Ethics (collection of Dastghiyb’s speeches about issues of training and morality)
  • Isti'adha (concerning the problem of taking refuge to God against the evils of Satan)
  • A'ien-i zindigi (problems of individual and social life)
  • Pursish-ha wa pasukh-ha (the major primitive notions of Islam)
  • Tardid wa tawakkul (on concepts such as doubt and trust in God)
  • Dastanha-yi shigift (including 148 true, instructive stories from major religious figures)
  • Salat al-khashi'in (outlines of the prayer)
  • Adl (on the principle of justice, as well as fate and pre-determination of destiny (al-qada' wa l-qadar), predestination (jabr) and delegation of actions to mankind (tafwid))
  • Qalb-i salim (in two volumes concerning Islamic ethics and monotheism)
  • Qalb-i Qur'an (an exegesis and elaboration of Sura Ya-Sin)
  • Ma'arifi az Qur'an (an exegesis of Sura al-Hadid and problems about God)
  • Nubuwwat (on raison d'être of prophets)
  • Nafs-i Mutma'inna (an exegesis of the last four verses of Sura al-Fajr).