Yunus b. Abd al-Rahman

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Companion of Imam (a)
Yunus b. Abd al-Rahman
Full Name Yunus b. 'Abd al-Rahman
Companion of Imam al-Kazim (a), Imam al-Rida (a)
Teknonym Abu Muhammad
Epithet Mawla Al Yaqtin
Birth between 105/723-724 and 125/723-743
Place(s) of Residence Medina
Death/Martyrdom 204/819-820
Burial Place Medina
Works Al-Adab wa l-dilala 'ala l-khayr , Ilal al-hadith, Al-Bada, etc.
Activities People of Consensus

Yūnus b. ʿAbd al-Raḥmān (Arabic: یونس بن عبدالرحمن), was one of the companions of Imam al-Rida (a), a trustworthy hadith transmitter, and one of the People of Consensus.

He met Imam al-Baqir (a) and Imam al-Sadiq (a), but he only transmitted hadith from Imam al-Kazim (a) and Imam al-Rida (a). He is praised in rijal sources.

It is reported that Imam al-Rida (a) guaranteed paradise for him three times. He went to hajj fifty-four times, the last of which he performed on behalf of Imam al-Rida (a).

Yunus has many written works. He passed away in 208/823-824.


People of Consensus

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Companions of Imam al-Kazim (a) and Imam al-Rida (a)
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Yunus' precise date of birth is not mentioned in the sources. However, according to some rijal scholars, he was born during the reign of Hisham b. 'Abd al-Malik (105/723-724 - 125/742-743).

Since Yunus was a freed slave of 'Ali b. Yaqtin, he was called Mawla Al Yaqtin (the freed slave of the family of Yaqtin). His teknonym was Abu Muhammad, and, according to some evidence, he was originally from Qom.

Scholarly Status

According to some reports, Imam al-Rida (a) would refer his followers who lived far from him to Yunus.

According to another report, Imam al-Hasan al-'Askari (a) looked carefully into Yunus' book Yawm wa layla (Day and Night) and then said,

"What is in this book is my religion and the religion of my fathers; all of it is truth. May Allah give him a light for every word of this book on the Day of Judgment."

It is also said that the knowledge of the Imams (a) reached four individuals, one of whom was Yunus.

In the Viewpoint of the Imams

Yunus had a special position in the eyes of the Imams (a), especially Imam al-Rida (a). They described him as the righteous and good servant of God.

Imam al-Rida (a) reportedly guaranteed admission to Paradise for Yunus and called him "the Salman of his time."

According to another report, when Yunus complained about people's slanders, the Imam (a) told him, "Those slanders would not harm you when your Imam is pleased with you."

In the Viewpoint of Shi'a Scholars

Rijal Scholars regard Yunus as one of the People of Consensus, and almost all of the biographers regard him as a trustworthy hadith transmitter.

Fadl b. Shadhan says about him, "There was no one more knowledgeable in fiqh among people than Salman al-Farsi, and after Salman, there has been no one more knowledgeable in fiqh than Yunus b. 'Abd al-Rahman."

In his al-Fihrist, Ibn al-Nadim mentions Yunus as a prominent Shi'a jurist and scholars who was "the highly knowledgeable one" ('allama) of his time.

Al-Shaykh al-Tusi mentions him among the companions of both Imam al-Kazim (a) and Imam al-Rida (a) and says, "In my opinion, he is a reliable hadith transmitter."

Al-Najashi regards him as one of the most prominent and outstanding Shi'a scholars.

Al-'Allama al-Hilli says, "He was a great man, and one of the pioneers among the Shi'a."

There are, however, some reports that slander Yunus, but the scholars of rijal have rejected them either because of their inauthenticity or because their apparent meaning is not what they really mean.

Yunus and the Waqifites

When the news of the martyrdom of Imam al-Kazim (a) reached Yunus, he publicly announced that his Imam would be Imam al-Rida (a) from now on. However, some people did not accept that and "stopped" with the imamate of Imam al-Kazim (a) and thus came to be called al-Waqifiyya (those who stopped). These people tried to bribe Yunus to join them, but Yunus refused their offer and remained steadfast in his belief.

Teachers and Students

Yunus' name appears in the chains of transmission of 263 hadiths. He directly quotes hadith from Imam Musa al-Kazim (a) and Imam al-Rida (a). In addition, he quotes hadith from some other people including:

And some of the people who quoted hadith from Yunus are the following:


Al-Shaykh al-Tusi mentions the titles of thirty books written by Yunus, some of which are as the following:

  • Kitab al-Sahw
  • Al-Adab wa l-dilala 'ala l-khayr
  • Kitab al-zakat
  • Jawami' al-athar
  • Al-Shara'i'
  • Kitab al-salat
  • Al-'Ilal al-kabir
  • Ikhtilaf al-hujaj
  • Ihtijaj fi l-talaq
  • 'Ilal al-hadith
  • Al-Fara'id
  • Fara'id al-saghir
  • Jami' al-kabir fi l-fiqh
  • Kitab al-tijarat
  • Kitab tafsir al-Qur'an
  • Kitab al-hudud
  • Al-Adab
  • Kitab al-mathalib
  • 'Ilal al-nikah wa tahlil al-mut'a
  • Al-Bada'
  • Nawadir al-buyu'
  • Al-Rad 'ala l-ghulat
  • Thawab al-hajj
  • Kitab al-nikah
  • Kitab al-mut'a
  • Kitab al-talaq
  • Kitab al-makasib
  • Kitab al-wudu
  • Al-Buyu' wa l-muzari'at
  • Yawm wa layla
  • Al-Lu'lu' fi l-zuhd
  • Al-Imama
  • Fadl al-Qur'an


Yunus passed away in 208/823-824 in Medina. He was buried near the holy burial site of the Prophet (s). Imam al-Rida (a) reportedly said about this, "Look at Yunus' end of affairs, how God took him to Himself beside His messenger!"

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