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Sura al-Nisa'

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Sura al-Nisa'
Al 'Imran ← →al-Ma'ida
سوره نساء.jpg
Sura Number 4
Juz' 4,5,6
Revelation Number 92
Makki/Madani Madani
Verse Count 176
Word Count 3764
Letter Count 16328
This article is an introduction to the Sura al-Nisa'; to read its text see text:Sura al-Nisa'.

Sūra al-Nisāʾ (Arabic: سورَة النِساء) is the forth sura of the Qur'an in the forth to sixth juz's. It is a Madani Sura. It is called "al-Nisa'" (women) because many jurisprudential rulings concerning women are stated in this Sura. Sura al-Nisa' is mainly concerned with the rulings of marriage and inheritance. It is also concerned with some rulings of the prayer, jihad and martyrdom. It also contains contents about the People of the Book and the fates of past nations. The sura also contains warnings against hypocrites.

A well-known verse in this sura is the verse fifty nine, known as Uli l-Amr Verse in which God orders Muslims to obey the "Uli l-Amr" (people of authority). According to hadiths, "Uli l-Amr" refers to Shiite Imams (a). Other well-known verses of Sura al-Nisa' are verses of tayammum and maharim. The Prophet (s) is quoted as saying of the virtues of Sura al-Nisa' that if one recites this sura, it will be as if he gave alms as much as the heritages of all believers and he will be given a reward equivalent to that of emancipating a slave. He will be pure from polytheism, and in God's providence, he will be one of the people forgiven by God.