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Sura al-Shu'ara'

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Sura al-Shu'ara'
al-Furqan← →al-Naml
سوره شعرا.jpg
Sura Number 26
Juz' 19
Revelation Number 47
Makki/Madani Makki
Verse Count 227
Word Count 1223
Letter Count 5630
This article is an introduction to the Sura al-Shu'ara'; to read its text see text:Sura al-Shu'ara'.

Sūra al-Shu'arā' (Arabic: سورة الشعراء) is the twenty sixth sura and a Makki sura, located in the nineteenth juz' of the Qur'an. It was called "Shu'ara'" (poets) because it talks about poets in verses 224 to 226. Sura al-Shu'ara' is concerned with the movement of prophets, from Noah (a) to Muhammad (s), reminds the fate of their enemies, and emphasizes on principles of beliefs, monotheism, resurrection, the call of the prophets, and the importance of the Qur'an. The main goal of the sura is said to be a consolation of the Prophet (s) in face of his people's rebuttals and slanders.

One well-known verse of Sura al-Shu'ara' is the Verse of Indhar, in which God asks the Prophet (s) to call his close relatives to Islam. As to the virtue of the recitation of this sura, there is a hadith according to which if one recites Sura al-Shu'ara', then he shall be rewarded for anyone who believed in, and anyone who denied, Noah (a), Hud (a), Shu'ayb (a), Salih (a), Abraham (a), Jesus (a), and Muhammad (s).