Amina bt. Shurayd

Without priority, Quality: b
From wikishia
Amina bt. Shurayd
Full NameAmina bt. Shurayd
Companion ofImam Ali (a)
Wellknown Relatives'Amr b. Hamiq al-Khuza'i (husband)
Place(s) of ResidenceKufa

ʾĀmina bt. Shurayd (Arabic: آمنة بنت شرید) (d. 50/670-1) was a famous Shi'a woman in Kufa. She was the wife of 'Amr b. Hamiq al-Khuza'i (d. 50/670-1). They both were among loyal companions of Imam 'Ali (a).

Imprisonment by Mu'awiya's Order

She was famous for being eloquent.[1] After the martyrdom of Imam Ali (a), Mu'awiya carried out a mass movement to arrest and kill his Shi'as. 'Amr b. Hamiq al-Khuza'i was pursued by his agents but managed to escape and hide. Hence, Amina was arrested on Mu'awiya's order and was imprisoned in Damascus in order to make her renounce being Shi'a, but she strongly clung to her beliefs.[2]

Cursing Mu'awiya and Demise

Two years later, her husband, 'Amr b. Hamiq, was captured and killed while he was sick in Mosul by Mu'awiya's agents. His head was taken to Damascus. To crush her resistance, Mu'awiya ordered to put the head before her, but this action did not break her spirit but caused her to describe her husband eloquently and curse Mu'awiya.

Afterward, they released her and sent her to Kufa. On her way, she passed away -apparently- from plague. However, it is probable that she was poisoned on Mu'awiya's order.[3]


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